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Illustrations for P.P.E Silva's novel "Obsession". 

"After finally leaving her violent household, all Harumi wants is the peace and freedom she's always dreamed of.

Several real estate disasters and months living in her brother's house later, she runs into an ad for a huge house, in a beautiful condominium, at a very low price -- almost too good to be true. Moved by the hope of finally achieving what she's always wanted, she grabs the offer without thinking twice, just like the harmless job at the local library. However, when everything seems perfect, a secret admirer suddenly appears, claiming to know all aspects of her life and affirming that her destiny is to be with him. In a juncture involving murders of local young girls and a police force that finds itself in a dead end, Harumi searches for answers. 


How far they are willing to go in their obsession?"

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